Last Chaos Enjoy
Update "Serene Land", new content...
03 December
Update to Enjoy-LC! Loyalty Guild ;)

* Fix bugs glory point in question.
* Sorcerer +100 base attack to the weapon.
* Rogue +100 base attack to the weapon.
* Mage +100 base attack to the weapon.

* Added new in-game currency "silver". Silver will be to the lords of the castles, for each day the Lord of a castle will get 25,000 silver. Lord gets 25,000 automatically when you enter the game.
- War Token - gives you 100 silver coins each, it is necessary to use it. (The token you get for killing players in siege).
* Added a new merchant that accepts only silver, he has unique items which are not found anywhere else.
* Added new questions loyalty to Guild.

21 November
Update to Enjoy-LC! Winter Is Coming...

Dear friends, a long time not been an update, but now I can You happy, the update is ready.

It really is a unique update that I hope You enjoy what we've created just for each of You ^^

- Added new function "Glory Point". The game has NPCs Allonia, you can take her unique quests every 60 minutes and get a "Glory Point". Allonia will gladly make an exchange, You will be able to learn new skills, but in return you have to give the glory point.
- When the quest is completed, click completed.
- Wings 175 lv. NS are working correctly.
- Alchemy of Wind Necklace can now be drilled.
- Jinar merchant faction is now selling Pure Energy Magic Stone of Jinarr and Strong Energy Magic Stone of Jinarr.
- New Cash Potion.

12 November
Little Update. Join us!

Now for every 10 minutes spent in the game you get 15 Cash..
At voting now you will get 200 Cash.
Time Spawn monsters Ramslo/Norg - 25 min.
MP Steel Potion now works better.

29 October
Update to Enjoy-LC!

- Now all the blessings P2 you can use a single tap on the character, no need to install earlier Target, to receive a blessing.
- The forum added the siege rules and the game.
- Added a new location with new monsters.
- New elite monsters 177 lv.
- Added new faction Defender Belfist Temple.
* When you gain 7,000,000 points of the faction, you will receive a new unique title.
* When you get 15,000,000 points of the faction, you will receive a new necklace with high performance.
* When you get 10,000,000 points of the faction, you will get the opportunity to buy new and unique potions and elixirs.
- To save you time on the balance of characteristics of the character we made 2 points for the 1st press.
- Reduced attack of all characters by 10%.
- Tarian armor can now be sold.

29 October
Update to Enjoy-LC!

- Respawn Norg now 40 min. (before the update was 360 min.)
- Potion to increase HP and MP correspond to the description.
- Titles work correctly.
- Stone Statue located in Juno.
- P2 work.
- Offline test items which were in development.
- CASH new game items and kits.
- Event х2 cash online the end.
- Started playing the Halloween event with unique prizes.

23 October
Welcome to Enjoy-LC!

Dear friends! We are ready to start the server, we hope you enjoy our work, we tried to make a good product for you and your friends. It remains only to wait for a time, the launch is scheduled for 19:00.

To celebrate the opening of the first 3 days, you will get twice more coins for every 15 minutes in the game you will receive 20 CASH.

I also want to clarify that the maximum level 175.

Today we decided to add another trader teleports, so you don't waste your time looking for locations, but immediately fell in the desired location.

We will expect you in the game!

17 October
Server will be online in Monday! 19:00 Berlin!

Features of the server:

- No elementals system.
- EP2 Juno.
- 100% Cast on any level.
- Create your titles with helpful features.
- MC Combo x2.
- Many new items and elixirs.
- Removed unnecessary location.
- Easy leveling.
- Start equipment +15.
- Every 15 levels you will be given PVE armor and weapons with sharpening +20 up to 110 lv.
- Jewels incrustation 100%.
- Anticheat : Protection of file changes.
- And much more...


- EXP x15.
- SP x40.
- Drop x8.
- Affinity x2.
- Gold x10.
- P1 - x7/P2 - x5.
- Max +30.
- Quest x12.
- Upgrade chance - 100%.

16 October